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Saturday, January 23, 2016 — 11:00 pm to 11:40 pm

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Guitar Vocals & Harmonica
From The 2015 Album "SONGSTER" recorded Capitol records -Michael Ubaldini
From The Album "SONGSTER" recorded Capitol records -Michael ubaldini
From The Album STORYBOOK -Michael ubaldini



~~ MICHAEL UBALDINI 'The Rock n Roll Poet'

Music Jounalists & His Fans call him 'The Rock n Roll Poet' His Album /CD releases are All Award winners in the USA and EUROPE. He has been featured at The Bluebird Cafe  the top United States venue for singer songwriters in Nashville TN seven times in the last eight years  -& recently was asked to support  Dwight Yoakam (by The man himself) on his  3 Pears tour shows , not to mention  his  handpicked slots to open by artists such as  Lucinda Williams ,Brian Setzer (Who played guitar on Michaels EMI release)John Hammoned ,&Leon Russell. Also dates w/ Chris Hillman, Social Distortion,  Reverened Hortan Heat& John Doe which shows his wide range of appeal.
 From his heart and Soul Michael with his cranking band or solo with his acoustic Guitar goes against the grain of today’s   mainstream Formulaic music. What with todays ever watering down of todays slick 'Ameripolitan   sound of Americana & Roots Music leave to "Alternative Americana" hero  Ubaldini to strip things down to their acoustic underpinnings

Michael Plays and sings his songs with A passion and Integrity rarely heard these days.He is a prolific songwriter with hundreds of songs under his belt


He  is back with a brand new release ‘SONGSTER –The acoustic reels’ –His previous releases ‘Bottle Cap Sky ’&’Last of The Honky Tonks’ did so well 

MOJO magazine hailed the latter as #6 release on its top 10 monthly music writer picks & His Album also  hit #1 on the UK Download charts-

 Ubaldini is never less than both literate and artful ,The uncompromising rebel songster & published poet (His book Lost American nights lyrics& poems from Moon tide press)  is now in its 2nd edition) made his bones with his first bands The Earwigs& Mystery train (EMI) –The Earwigs single now a cherished vinyl collector’s prize going for 400 dollars a pop.

 What always has set  Ubaldini apart from his contemporaries is his cross breeding of styles.

The Rock n roll  poet  blends early 20th century Roots music & Delta blues along with Honky tonk   & American folk ballads with the attitude of punk & rock n roll. His musical pioneering would later emerge  as musical marketing categories’ such as ‘AMERICANA ‘Or ‘ALT COUNTRY’ – but by then Ubaldini had already moved on releasing a string of solo albums his ' Acoustic Rumble release was hailed by The LA Times as #10 best record of the decade and “One Better Then ‘The Ghost Of Tom Joad’ album” by Springsteen”.Several Journalists in The USA & UK have dubbed him a " Jack Kerouac with Guitar& Black Leather Jacket"

 The UK also took notice of the American songster– The Late Joe Strummer of rockers THE CLASH in his  later Mescalaro days started turning up at shows with Brian Setzer.Bob Harris regularly plays Ubaldini “Empty Bottles/broken guitar strings” album recorded at SUN STUDIOS  in Memphis TN on his radio show and Michael did 3 Tours Solo Acoustic in The UK &US-He just completed a solo acoustic tour ending with a featured show at The Bluebird in Nashville TN- Hence the New  2015 Album 'SONGSTER'. The Album was recorded at CAPITOL RECORDS  famed Studio B  and   Brewery studios In Costa Mesa Ca. (Relocating to Austin TX) The songs were done Live  no overdubbing – recorded as is in true American Songster fashion-One of the exciting things is that live on stage Ubaldini  doesn’t read his words off of an IPod  screen or binder.

.He  has also faced adversity head on nearly dying in 2009 & told he'd never walk or play guitar again after suffering a brain bleed only to make a full recovery as if it never happened as was reported on CNN headline news with a feature story on the troubador called 'Michael the Guitar man'

Michael learned early  at age seven bangin' out Hank Williams & Ray Charles on his guitar - songs his father taught him- then migrating into Rock n roll, Blues & Folk Territories in his childhood –playing  County Fairs  & as a teen digging as he puts it “Anything “Sun” “Chess” ‘Stax’ old hillbilly & folk 78s & Early Punk & Pre War blues” Yet Michael Ubaldini is in no way “Retro” and dismisses the term “just another label ”  not to mention his wild  road life of  club tours, Cheap Motels, Wild Women ,Bar rooms, busking &running with carneys who are still his friends (who sometimes turn up in his lyrics)-And prestiges shows such as his headlining spot on two OC Hootenannies & Folk Fests

 'With his  'Home made outlaw music for the people'  Michael is a true American songwriter & Story tellin'poet-

Tour Dates of The UK & USA announced soon  - THE NAMM SHOW audience will love this as Michael has been asked many times tif he will be playing - but has always been on tour!




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