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Saturday, January 23, 2016 — 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm

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Midnight Satellites

"We wanted to make a record that would capture everything we've become as musicians and a band. The last year has been full of creative combustion, conflict and contention but never complacency. The process has been a beautiful experience, and if we never get the chance to record in this caliber of focus and freedom again, there will be solace in our musical journey together as we left it."

Midnight Satellites - Sal Spinelli -Vocals/Guitar, Brennan Kilpatrick - Vocals/Guitar, Ryan Kilpatrick - Bass, Nick Seiwert - Drums, is a band full of creative construct in every sense, and a free roaming musical unit operating like a fine tuned motor. It's difficult to describe their sound as anything but their own considering the material on the current self released full length, Past Presence Future. One would pin them as a modern rock outfit, with songs like Almost Famous and Long Lost ready to anchor any adrenaline junkies soundtrack. Others would sink into a blue mood with the 6/8 eerie sway of Thorn In My Side. Before long, the acoustic tracks supported with soothing stand up orchestral bass, Memories and Awaiting inspire bit of introspective thought. Rounding out the 13 tracks are anthemic mid tempo songs, Standing and Wake Up which are eager to be sung along to.

"There was an opportunity that allowed us to really write songs that could say what we always wanted to as writers. The arena to use instrumentation we had never be able to use and take the time to make it how we wanted was really paramount in getting this to turn out the way it did."

Not only did Midnight Satellites draw all musical influences and outlets to write and record, but sought to assemble a handpicked team, bringing their vision to reality. Percussion added by legendary session and live player, Jackie Bertone (Beach Boys, Tower of Power) and featured vocals by Lindsey Carrier. Produced and engineered by John Lowson (Roger Waters, Brian Wilson), mixed by Will Brierre (Imagine Dragons, The Killers) and mastered by Reuben Cohen (Foo Fighters, Pharrell Williams), the combined experience helped make "Past Presence Future" a record that not only takes the listener on a journey, but also pleases the ear with sonic precision and color.

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