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Thursday, January 19, 2017 — 8:00 pm to 8:40 pm

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New Blues Revolution

A young African-American woman artist shouted out to us from stage last weekend, naming our band some 40 miles and 2 years later - we weren't even in costume - our NAMM show was THAT memorable.  New Blues Revolution performed then in the Hilton lobby.  The NAMM show audience LOVED the show.  

Ready for the GoPro stage or other assignment.  The NAMM audience will love the energy, the musicianship, the showmanship, the vocals and the songs.

The band just finished killing it at the New Blues Festival in Long Beach, California - while they can work an intimate room, give them a large stage and they own it.  How did that come to be?

Imagine a gifted young singer/pianist growing up on the Coast of Spain honing his Blues chops throughout the clubs of Valencia.  Half-way around the world, imagine a young guitarist growing up in Los Angeles, playing rhythm guitar for members of the Yardbirds and Paul Butterfield Blues band at the age of 12.

Both would continue to explore their "Blues Journey" and go on to play many of the most famous venues in the world.  Not too long ago, their paths and collective pasts would collide together in the creation and concept of the "New Blues Revolution".

Meet Bill Grisolia- Singer and Frontman extraordinaire, described as a "Bigger than Life Personality" and yet a "Playful Tiger" of a Force.  Meet Guitarist - Chap Cooper, lauded as one the "Last Great Blues Guitarists of our Time",  a "True Original". Both Songwriters...

Now imagine an inspiring yet compelling journey with something unknown yet something you have always known.

Meet the New Blues Revolution.

The band leads the vanguard of the new blues movement in the U.S.  Akin to the boom in the British Blues in the 1960’s, they work to broaden, deepen and contemporize the blues.  Recent performance highlights include playing the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip and at Downtown Disney, concerts and festivals including invitations to festivals in Arvada, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona.  They open for a diverse range of music legends including Tommy Castro, Tab Benoit, Macy Gray, Leon Russell, Rick Derringer, David Lindley, Bernie Pearl, Brophy Dale, Jami Belushi and the late Michael Burks. 

Forging a unique, distinctive style featuring Bill Grisolia's vocals and piano and Chap Cooper’s guitar, the band brings exciting showmanship to a mix of high-energy New Blues songs – deep, modern, rocky but soulful.  A favorite of critics, The New Blues Revolution receives rave reviews from national trade magazines such as Cashbox and Music Connection.  Critics recognize NBR’s exciting talent and their extraordinary songwriting.  Their song “Blue Revolution” was nominated for an LA Music Award.

The band’s exciting live show makes for great TV. Television appearances include live satellite broadcasts from New York City to prime-time television in Spain.  Broadcast performances in major U.S. television markets (UPN in Los Angeles) confirm the appeal of the band's music across the U.S.  Los Angeles television appearances include KNBC, KCAL, KCOP and KMEX including the number one morning show in the LA market.  NBR was featured on the "Artist Spotlight" of American Veterans Radio network.

Before he was 12, Chap played rhythm guitar for members of the Yardbirds and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.  It was old hat to the guitarist who scored his first paying gig at age 8.  Growing up among Rock's most famous legends has lead to his working with many top musicians and recording artists.  Early on, Chap led the house band at Gazzari’s, a top Sunset Strip locale.   He recently added a Danelectro endorsement to his growing list.  Bill’s first memories of life are of the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean.  The bilingual singer grew up in the blues rock jazz stew of Kansas City.  His international career began at 18 by playing the top clubs of Valencia, Spain (Tres Triste Tigres and Pub Gent).  Self taught, he earned himself an endorsement with Yamaha acoustic pianos.

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