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Saturday, January 23, 2016 — 2:00 pm to 2:40 pm

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Mapex, Murat Diril Cymbals

Oded Kafri

Drummer Oded Kafri is a solo Artist, a one-man party and YouTube phenomenon with millions of hits. He has taken his stage and street shows all over the world, playing some of the biggest festivals and clubs in many different territories. (Please see the video links on subsequent pages). He takes his audience on a seamless and energetic journey, using pre-prepared remixes crafted in the studio he mixes like a DJ whilst playing the kit, dancing, singing and electrifying an audience who are taken higher and higher.

One day when Kafri was playing drums and touring, he had an urge to do something extraordinary. He wanted to play the drums in the street that afternoon, before the show, outside the venue. 'I felt such a purity playing for the people' he said. 'It's the greatest show ever, no one has asked me to be there, so when people spontaneously appear and start dancing, it becomes pure entertainment and I can know I have really made someone's day better.'

Oded Kafri has strong fan bases all over Europe and the UK. He has performed at venues such as KOKO, Brixton Electric, The Barbican, The London Jazz Festival for BBC Radio (Southbank Centre) and many of the UK and Europe’s most popular Festivals.

He has released three studio albums and played drums with many famous artists such as BILLY COBHAM (USA) BEARDYMAN (UK) and BAABA MAAL (AFRICA).

Currently artist in residence for the Antenne MV Radio Boat Tour across northern Germany. He is receiving extensive airtime and playing 22 cities in 28 days.

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