Performance Info

Thursday, January 21, 2016 — 8:00 pm to 8:40 pm

Artist Info

drums / vocals
Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar / Pedal Steel Guitar / Vocals
Electric Guitar / Banjo / Accordion / Piano
Upright Bass / Electric Bass
Trouble in the Wind - "Rising"
Trouble in the Wind - "Pretty Please"
Trouble in the Wind "Fire Away"

Trouble in the Wind

Trouble in the Wind has been labeled as folk, Americana, alternative, country, surf rock …etc but the Southern California quartet likes to call themselves “rock and roll”. The band’s stripped-down organic sound is a multi-instrumental collective fronted by songwriter Robby Gira, whose staggering powerful voice creates the center of attention of their songs. Trouble in the Wind's instrumentation of accordion, upright bass, brushes, banjo and guitars color the emotional songs which blend and range from ballads to surf folk to soulful rockers.  Their live performances are heartfelt and energetic, using their eclectic songwriting styles along with the rotating instrumentation creates for an entertaining show.

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