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Thursday, January 21, 2016 — 2:00 pm to 2:40 pm

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Endorsed By:
Burns Guitars London
Wildcard - Red Licorice (Unreleased Demo)
Wildcard - Homie Hopper (Unreleased Demo)
Wildcard - Use (Unreleased Demo)



At the age of 17, Wildcard (going by Richard Wynne at the time) had the privilage of playing the John Lennon stage at NAMM 2008, endorsed then (and to this day), by Burns Guitars London. 

NAMM is the most popular thought leader in the music industry when it comes to new entertainment technology, brands, instruments, and so much more. To be able to showcase music to fellow musicians and music lovers (dare we say, music nerds) would be one of the highest honors. 

More on Wildcard:

Take the sounds of Jack White, Stevie Wonder, and Disclosure, put them in a musical blender and what you end up with is Wildcard.

After playing in a rock band for over a decade, Wildcard decided that it was time to stop being polite and writing about things he already understands… it was time to start experimenting and exploring new territories, time to start surprising even himself.

His first single, “Red Licorice,” is lyrically some of his darkest work thus far. Wildcard takes the listener through three different solos on various instruments which all end up leading to what he describes as a “jazz-fusion bridge.”

Wildcard’s approach is to have fun and see where it takes him musically. He wants to shift sounds, push boundaries, and end up on the edge of the unknown.

His next single will probably sound nothing like “Red Licorice” which is exactly why you should stay tuned.

The Virginia native will be releasing his debut EP this winter, followed by a full-length album in early 2016. 

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