Dante Spoken Here: Dante Training and Certification Offered at The 2017 NAMM Show

For the first time, The 2017 NAMM Show will host training and certification sessions for the industry-leading audio networking technology, DanteTM. Held at The NAMM Show and presented by Audinate, the creator of Dante, attendees will have the opportunity to experience two days of hands-on training as part of the company’s Dante Certification Program.

The on-site Dante Training Program will offer three educational courses beginning with the program’s “First Steps with Digital Audio Networking,” a 90-minute course recommended for those people who are brand-new to audio networking or are unsure if they should delve into a full Dante Certification course. The second course is the “Dante Training and Certification Level 1,” which is also 90 minutes and designed to provide a useful background in audio networking for audio professionals and does not assume any previous background in computer networking. The third course, “Dante Training and Certification Level 2,” is a three-hour course designed for intermediate to advanced Dante users and should only be taken once Level 1 has been completed.

In addition to the training program, on the morning of Thursday January 19, a free introduction to Dante session will take place as part of TEC Tracks Live Sound Day. Both events take place at The 2017 NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center, to be held January 19-22, 2017. Notable exhibitors include Meyer Sound, Midas, Yamaha Pro Audio Products, Renkus-Heinz, JBL, Soundcraft, and Electro-Voice, among many others.

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