retail boot camp

January 18, 2017 · 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Anaheim Hilton, Levels 2 and 4

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If you have any questions about Retail Boot Camp, contact NAMM at 760-438-8001, or email

Get to The 2017 NAMM Show a day early for Retail Boot Camp—the best intensive one-day training for your music retail business! For the first time at The NAMM Show, Retail Boot camp will feature two different tracks, offering unique training, innovative ideas and best practices for everyone in music retail. 

Retail Boot Camp is FREE to NAMM members, but you must register ahead of time and choose your track. (See "How to Register" at the bottom of the page.) This is a unique and powerful educational opportunity, so bring the whole team—owners, managers, salespeople, marketers, administrative staff, even your retail advisers. Discover what you’ll want to know going into the new year, and grow your business in 2017.

• 8:30–9 am: Registration and refreshments
• 9 am–4 pm: Retail Boot Camp—Both Tracks (Lunch will be served at noon)


Anaheim Hilton, 2nd Floor

Bob Phibbs

Larry Bailin

Ben Blakesley

Upgrade the way you do business. Join Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor®, and find out how to attract more customers, make bigger sales and earn the profits you seek! He’ll dive into creative ways to reinvent the customer experience, increase your value through your people and deal with customers’ smartphones once and for all. Phibbs will also look at the top shopping trends and how Millennials and baby boomers have different expectations of retail.

Build a website worthy of your store. No matter how fast things move in the digital world, there’s one constant: your website. Digital marketing pioneer Larry Bailin will dive deep into why most websites are just websites while others lead the charge as sales and marketing powerhouses. Real-world music retail examples and live website reviews will help you better understand what works, what doesn’t and how to be an online marketing guru.

Go beyond the “Like” on social media. It now takes more to break through the noise and get noticed on social media. Ben Blakesley, social media marketing leader at Reebok and music retail expert, will show new and inventive ways to build valuable customer relationships using social platforms. He’ll discuss how social media marketing has evolved and, most importantly, how to change your thinking to go beyond standard online content. Walk away with helpful examples of businesses using social platforms in innovative ways.

I attended Retail Boot Camp at The NAMM Show, and 56 pages of notes later, I became a force to be reckoned with and have implemented so many of the ideas into our shop.

Jenna Day · Day Violins · Chantilly, VA


Anaheim Hilton, 4th Floor

Alan Friedman

Daniel Jobe

Join Alan Friedman, CPA, and Daniel Jobe for the only all-day financial training for music retailers at The NAMM Show. This back-office segment of Retail Boot Camp has been expanded to cover the most critical financial components of running a music retail business.

Friedman and Jobe of the CPA firm Friedman, Kannenberg & Co. will present proven best practices in the fiscal management of a music store. But this won’t be just another repeat of info you’ve heard before—this session will have new content and videos presented for the first time at The NAMM Show. And don’t think this is just for store owners. It’s for any retail staff or retail advisors who want to learn more about the financial challenges facing music retailers of all types and sizes. Topics include:

  • Financial Issues: How to identify and fix the ones happening in your business
  • Purchasing Inventory: How to buy the right mix and quantity of musical products and gear
  • Financial Statements: How to generate, interpret and act upon them
  • Financing: How to properly finance your inventory and rental pool purchases
  • Rental Pools: How to properly account for and tax rental programs
  • Employee Compensation: How to establish an effective comp plan for all employees
  • Worker Status: How to determine the correct worker status (W-2 versus 1099) for your teachers and repair techs
  • Succession: How to determine the dollar value of your business and begin the succession planning process
  • Managing Inventory: How to manage an entire store’s worth of inventory effectively

We [learned] the importance of having a point-of-sale system and now use one to manage our inventory more effectively. Most importantly, we learned how to invest back in our music community through lessons and smart advertising to grow our emerging brand.

Michael Stryker · Spindrift Guitars · New London, Connecticut

The 2017 NAMM Show - Retail Boot Camp (Financial)

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I have been in business for 30 years and have never heard such a simple, interesting and example-laden talk about stock management than I heard at Retail Boot Camp. Absolutely brilliant. We have only just joined NAMM for the educational component and believe that that talk alone justifies, many times over, our investment.

Peter Michael · Michael's Camera, Video & Digital · Melbourne, Australia