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Saturday, January 23, 2016 — 4:00 pm to 4:40 pm

Artist Info

Acoustic 8 string bass/guitar hybrid - Leader
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EMG, Dunlop, Emerald Guitars, Reunion Blues, ZT amps, Gig-fx, Osaimo

Nate Lopez

Nate specializes in playing bass, melody, and chords at the same time, all on one 8-string guitar. This rare talent won him the Arkansas Contemporary Fingerstyle Championship in 2015 as well as accolades from fans and fellow musicians. 

Nate has been playing all over California at many venues including: Wells Fargo Center, Earthfest L.A., Winter NAMM, The Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, Laguna Beach Jazz and Art Festival, Marriott Hotel in Napa, The Hilton in Union Square S.F., Ghirardelli Square, Reno Jazz festival, and countless Wineries.


He has also been a featured artist on radio stations KRSH, KBBF, KVYN and KGGV.

Whether Nate is playing solo or with a drummer, his instrumental arrangements of popular classics as well as his soulful originals always have an exciting, dynamic groove that sits on the cutting edge of guitar music.


"You will note this 8 String Guitarist uses every aspect of the guitar to play bass, rhythm and lead making him a one man band." - Positively Petaluma

"To Say Nate Lopez just plays guitar is an understatement." Curtis Kim, KSRO radio

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