Anaheim Convention Center · Anaheim, CA

Streaming Schedule

All streams will be available LIVE on's homepage. On-demand videos of the events will be added to the website in the near-future.

Thursday, January 19

8:00am—9:30am: Breakfast of Champions

10:00am—10:40am: Ali Deniz Kardelen

11:00am—11:40am: Laura Dickinson 17

12:00am—12:40am: D.L. Marble

1:00am—1:40am: Kapena

2:00am—2:40am: Bellhouse

6:00pm—7:30am: NAMM Opening Night Concert Featuring RSO: Richie Sambora + Orianthi


Friday, January 20

8:00am—9:30am: 2020: Future-Proof Your Business


Saturday, January 21

9:30am - 11:00pm: Grand Rally for Music Education

7:00pm—9:00pm: The 32nd Annual NAMM TEC Awards

Sunday, January 22

8:00am—9:30am: Best in Show

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