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Wayne Jones Audio
    Wayne Jones AUDIO High End, High Powered & Passive Bass Cabinets & Stereo Valve Bass Pre-Amps Exciting new additions to the WJ Audio range. The WJBPII Twin Channel Bass Pre-Amp Featuring the option of...
Wayne Jones Audio
Be sure to come by & hear the best play the best at Wayne Jones Audio booth. Schedules to be announed soon. Andre Berry, David Dyson, Garrett Body & many more
Wood Violins
One of our more known Wood Violin Artists is Martie Maguire of the "Dixie Chicks."  She plays a white WV Nashville model, and when asked about it she said, "I love the tone of old non-amplified, real acoustic fiddles,...
Zemaitis Guitars
  Hollow-Body-Teaser from Zemaitis Guitars on Vimeo.
Music Nomad Equipment Care
Clean, smooth frets will not only make bending & vibrato easier, but prolong your string life. Oxidized, dirty frets cause more string damage than you’d think. Music Nomad’s FRINE Fret Polishing Kit contains...
Music Nomad Equipment Care
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