The NAMM Show Policies

Attendance Qualification

  • The NAMM Show is a trade-only event and is not open to the public
  • Attendees must be active NAMM members or invited by an active NAMM member to attend
  • Authorized NAMM member companies may register family members under the age of 18. Underage attendees must be accompanied at all times by their parent/legal guardian and are only permitted on the show floor during show hours. Baby strollers and/or joggers are not permitted on the show floor.
  • All NAMM attendees must provide a matching photo ID to gain entry to the trade show floor


  • Pre-registration (free to active NAMM members) is open July 27, 2016 – January 4, 2017
    • Set badge allotment applies to all active Members
    • Badges are the property of NAMM and are not to be re-sold. If NAMM is made aware that your company or an individual within your company is participating in selling badges, your company’s badge allotment and future show participation could be jeopardized.
    • $50-$100 late fee applies after the January 4 deadline and throughout the show days
  • Complete your badge registration and pick it up on-site using a printed or mobile device confirmation barcode
  • A corresponding photo ID is required at all entrances to the show. Badges are NOT transferable
  • A $100 badge reprint fee applies on all show days. Limit 1 reprint per person, subject to NAMM approval
  • Badge additions and/or changes take place at on-site registration, now located on the lower level of the Hilton, Anaheim. Available to NAMM members only. The guests of members may not change or add badges
  • All fees processed after the free badge deadline are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Badges are for members and their staff, associates and guests only. Badges are not to be re-sold or used for giveaways or promotions. If NAMM is made aware that your company or an individual within your company is participating in this activity, it will jeopardize your company’s badge allotment and future show participation.
  • Badges are the property of NAMM and can be revoked and confiscated at any time.

Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer

To support the NAMM exhibitor company’s investment, there are strict guidelines, which all non-exhibiting manufacturers are expected to adhere to while at The NAMM Show. Non-exhibiting manufacturer badges are for viewing The NAMM Show for future exhibiting opportunities only, no selling allowed. Adherence to the following guidelines is required and any violation may result in prohibiting admission to the show for the remaining days, as well as future NAMM trade shows.

  • Approaching attendees or exhibitors at The NAMM Show is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, The Anaheim Convention Center, Marriott, Hilton or any hotel in the NAMM block with the purpose of selling or demonstrating products and services.
  • Product samples, catalogs, flyers, brochures, product drawings, photos, videos, computer presentations or any other representation of items or services for sale, for the purpose of displaying, showing or selling to a show buyer or exhibitor is strictly prohibited. The above is subject to confiscation if caught by NAMM staff or security.
  • Showrooms, hospitality suites, special presentations or sponsorship of any activity is prohibited by non-exhibiting manufacturers or service providers anywhere in the city or surrounding area during The NAMM Show.

Show Floor Photography/Video Policy

  • Qualified media may photograph/video throughout The NAMM Show. Exhibitors may photograph/video their own booth and/or product. Attendees may not photograph/video product without the exhibitor's consent.

Press Photo Consent

  • NAMM is permitted to use the name, likeness or biographical information supplied by the attendee, and attendee grants permission for photos taken at NAMM events to be used in any NAMM publication, multimedia production, display, advertisement or web publication.

Drone and UAV Policy Statement

  • What was once science fiction is now a daily reality as drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and hoverboards have become commonly used and are available to the public. While the National Association of Music Merchants, Inc. (“NAMM”) is excited about the marketing, business and recreation potential these new technologies offer the music products industry, the safety of our members and their guests is our primary concern. For this reason, the use of drones, UAV’s, hoverboards and similar devices are strictly prohibited on the NAMM Show floor, as well as all outside areas of the Anaheim Convention Center. NAMM has undertaken reasonable efforts to ensure that the NAMM Show will be a safe environment for NAMM members and their guests, and the prohibition on drones, UAV’s, hoverboards and similar devices is consistent with standards of best practices for general safety. If new risks and safety concerns arise, however, NAMM reserves the right to modify or expand the prohibition on certain technology, devices, or vehicles at the NAMM Show. Attendance at the NAMM Show will be conditioned upon compliance with such restrictions. For questions please contact NAMM Management at

Entrance/Show Floor

  • Corresponding photo ID is required to gain entry to the show
  • Baby strollers and/or joggers are not permitted on the show floor. No Exceptions.
  • Attendees are not permitted to bring personally owned instruments onto The NAMM Show floor. Only exhibitors may bring music product on and off the show floor.

Show Floor Transaction Policy

  • Please note that over-the-counter transactions (cash, check or credit card) involve the collection of associated taxes and may not take place at The NAMM Show. Only business orders for future delivery are promoted on show site.

NAMM reserves the right to refuse admission and revoke your badge at any time. Transfer, sale or duplication of your badge in any way is prohibited. Matching photo ID is required to gain entry to the trade show floor.


  • Face coverings and/or body coverings, which include but are not limited to; masks, face paint, full hoodie, full costumes that restrict or limit clear identification or imply a violent nature are prohibited at the NAMM Show. NAMM reserves the right to make determinations on appropriate attire. If for any reason attire is deemed objectionable by Show Management, attendees may be asked to alter the attire or be removed from the show.

Bag Policy

  • All bags are subject to search. NO luggage is allowed in the Convention Center. Backpacks, briefcases or rolling briefcases are OK. Bags may be no larger than 17” x 12” x 8”. No bag check in the Convention Center. Adjacent hotels have coat/bag check available on a first come/first serve basis.