5 Ways NAMM is Reducing Sound on the Show Floor

Because NAMM is in the music and sound business, we take sound levels very seriously at our shows. Our goal is for every buyer to have the most business-focused and positive experience possible. That’s why we are making efforts to reduce sound levels at The 2018 NAMM Show to enhance your experience.

A re-organized show floor
The trade show floor has been re-organized to maximize your time, with product segments now closer together. Percussion will be in one area, string and bow in another, as well as sections of guitars, keyboards, pianos, pro audio, event technology and more. This will allow for targeted demo options, and will allow you to find the products you’re looking for much faster on a busy show floor. This will also reduce the noise from neighboring communities so softer instruments won’t be overpowered by louder ones.

View the show map to see an overview of the new NAMM neighborhoods.

Additional sound patrol
Every year, sound policies are enforced, and this year is no exception. NAMM will be adding additional sound patrol to distribute citations to those breaking sound rules. Demos are only permitted for up to five minutes for buyers and may not exceed a decibel level of 85. Sound levels will be measured and evaluated by floor staff so you can rest assured we are doing everything we can to keep the noise levels under control.

Demo and meeting rooms
The best places to demo new products are in demo rooms that exhibitors have reserved on the show floor. These sound-proof rooms allow for you to accurately hear the sound of the product or instrument you’re testing. There are also a variety of meeting rooms available for reservation. When setting up appointments with your exhibiting partners, ask them if you can use these quiet spaces to demo their new products.

Sound-buffering aisle signs
New this year, NAMM will be pioneering sound-buffering aisle signs and panels located throughout the show floor at the ACC and ACC North. Manufactured by the sound absorption specialists at GeerFab Acoustics, the design of the aisle signs features a two-inch thick fiberglass substrate wrapped in an acoustically transparent fabric that is custom printed with NAMM aisle sign graphics – two discrete graphics per sign.

These custom-made signs are designed to help reduce sound levels across The NAMM Campus and are similar to the models used in the Anaheim Hilton's Pacific Ballroom, home of the Annual TEC Awards and other premier events, since 2014. In addition, thirty 48" x 96" MultiZorbers are being installed in each of the two Live Sound Demo Rooms.

If you are interested in using this technology for sound panels in your retail store, learn more about these products, please visit http://www.geerfab.com/.

Earplugs are available
Mack’s earplugs will be available for free at the registration counter and at info booths on the show floor. Make sure to pick up a pair if you want an extra layer of hearing protection.

We look forward to welcoming you to The 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, January 25-28. If you haven’t yet registered for your badge(s) you can register here. The free badge deadline for NAMM members is January 10, 2018!