The Score Magazine

The driving mantra at Score Media Pvt Ltd is that Swadeshi music must have a Swadeshi support ecosystem. With The Score Magazine, we set out to create the first indigenous music print-media brand and chronicle every aspect and every form of music created in India with pride but without prejudice.


Our success at making the first indigenous music is unparalleled in the annals of Indian music media history: With nearly 55 editions under our belt, we are proud to make the claim that we are the only music magazine in the country to have released regular monthly issues. The Magazine is currently available across leading Music Stores, Music Schools, Audio Engineering School, Studios, and Music Venues and is among the most recognized brand among leading music firms and artists in India.


In 2011, Energized by our success with the magazine, we set out to diversify and built capabilities in music event management and marketing consultancy. Till date, we have organized a little over 200 music gigs across multiple cities and venues.


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