Performance Info

The Breedloves

Friday, January 26, 2018 — 7:00 pm to 7:40 pm PST

Sheraton Park, Level 1, Lobby, NAMM Sheraton Park Stage

Artist Info

lead guitar, songwriter
Jay Kirkland
12 string rhythm guitar, vocals, songwriter
Barbara Gorin
Endorsed By:
Breedlove Guitars, Stage Ninja, Guitars not Guns, D'Addario, Dunlop
Sausalito - original song written by Jay Kirkland
Please Stay - original song written by Jay Kirkland and Barbara Gorin
Eddie's Street - original song written by Jay Kirkland

The Breedloves

Richmond, CA

Endorsed Breedlove Guitar Artists Jay Kirkland and Barbara Gorin are the Breedloves Acoustic Dynamic Duo!

Their romantic original acoustic music can create a nice ambiance for your events, wine tastings, weddings, private parties, restaurants, slide shows, art shows, or any place you wish to create a wonderful feeling through their music. Their original instrumentals have a way of taking you away to a beautiful place, while listing to this dynamic duo! “Their music can even make you feel like you are on vacation."

Jay Kirkland grew up and lives in Richmond, California, and Barbara Gorin is from Silver Spring Maryland and lives in Diablo, California.

They met in 2010, and there was instant musical chemistry between them.

A little about Jay and Barbara:

Jay has been playing guitar since he was a child, and is an avid song writer, and able to play all styles of music, from jazz to blues, to metal to fusion, it doesn't matter, just give Jay a good rhythm, and he can write and play guitar to anything!

Barbara has been strumming the guitar since she was young as well and has a particular love for playing the 12 string.

Together, they have a musical chemistry that will captivate any audience. The Breedloves' original music is perfect for TV, commercials, Video games, movies, as we have a large catalog of original instrumental music, with a wide range of styles.

Both Jay and Barbara are involved with a wonderful nonprofit children's music charity, Guitars Not Guns, particularly the Contra Costa County, California Chapter. Barbara is the President of the Contra Costa County Chapter, and sits on the National Executive Board and Jay is the VP of Special Projects for our local Chapter of Guitars Not Guns.  Jay is also a lead instructor in West Contra Costa County, and sees the joy he can bring to kids through the gift of music. He learned early on how music saved him from destructive behaviors, and believes strongly in what Guitars not Guns stands for. Jay was interviewed by Richmond Confidential for his volunteer work with the program. Here is a video of that interview:

Jay uses Ibanez Guitars, Dunlop picks and D'Addario strings. He also performs with an acoustic Breedlove six string, and D'Adarrio Strings. Jay is sponsored by Stage Ninja, the awesome retractable chords.

Pedal Boards donated by Korg and Shure wireless, for use at Guitars not Guns lessons, graduations, indoor events, and outdoor festivals.

Each event proudly displays the Logos of all the sponsors who have supported Guitars Not Guns.

Barbara Gorin instantly fell in love with Breedlove Guitars in 2009, where she purchased her first Studio Atlas six string.

The following year, she found her true love, an acoustic electric 12 string. It was her dream guitar and when she strums and picks those strings, she fills the room with a beautiful melody of the 12 strings all in sync for a beautiful sound your ears will love.

Barbara became involved with Guitars Not Guns in September 2005. She instantly developed a passion to want to help at risk youth. In the last NINE years, has raised tens of thousands of dollars and has successfully graduated over 500 kids who were given free guitar lessons and a guitar!

In 2009, Barbara was awarded with the Threads of Hope honor by Diablo Magazine for her relentless volunteer work with Guitars Not Guns. In 2012, Barbara was honored with the People’s Choice Award from the Digital Literary Arts, Inc.

She teaches at different locations in the Bay Area, which include Pleasant Hill, Concord, Martinez, Pittsburg, and Antioch, and organizes Fundraisers and artist support and support from the music industry.

On June 30, 2017, Barbara retired from her job of almost 29 years working for Weinberg, Roger and Rosenfeld, a prestigious Union side labor law firm as an Arbitration Administrator. She began working in 1988 as a clerk typist and quickly moved up to supervising the arbitration practice of the firm.  Now that she is retired, she will be able to focus on music! 

Jay and Barbara's musical journey has only just begun! You will be pleasantly surprised how awesome their music is to your ears.