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Saturday, January 27, 2018 — 2:00 pm to 2:40 pm PST

Grand Plaza, NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage

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Vocals, Guitar
Bass, Vocals


Buenos Aires

ANIMAL, whose acronym stands for "Acosados ​​Our Indians Died When Luchar" was founded in 1992 by Andrés Giménez (singer, guitarist and ideologist of the project) The band breaks into the Argentine rock scene in 1993 with their first self-titled album, with the firm conviction to defend and value the feeling of the original races of Latin America.

In this way they begin to take their first steps in small sites of Bs. As., Underground festivals (metal, punk and hardcore) and share the stage with all the bands from the local scene. At the same time they are invited to open international shows with Biohazard, Bad Religion, and Panther.

A year later in 1994 they released their second album called "End of a sick world", with which they began to define a more forceful sound that would characterize them by mixing diverse influences, from Thrash Metal, Punk, Hardcore to Latin rhythms, thus becoming the exponent

most modern of the Argentine metal. This new plate features Joao Gordo de Ratos de Porao as a guest on the theme "More heads for your wall".

The band continues to grow steadily in the local scene and the first international presentations begin to happen. They are also called to open the show of Suicidal Tendencies and the return of Pantera to Argentina.

In 1996 "The new way of the man" goes out on sale, its third disc, recorded in Los Angeles, the United States. From that moment, ANIMAL began to set trends, not only in Argentina, but in the rest of the region; achieving a devastating sound that completely captures the attention of the Spanish-speaking public and also manages to penetrate the United States and Europe.

Hand in hand with this record they fill their first stadium "Obras"; International tours begin and the group consolidates as the representative of the new Latin American metal.

The press and the local and international scene put their eyes on the group, and in 1998 they published "Poder Latino", their fourth album; under the artistic production of Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly).

Recorded also in Los Angeles this album features luxury guests such as Robert Trujillo (Metallica), Cristian Olde Wolbers (Fear Factory), Leon Gieco; and Jimmy DeGrasso (Suicidal Tendencies and Megadeth) who was in charge of recording all the disc's batteries.

In this way they manage to transcend the borders filling stadiums throughout Latin America and participating in the main international festivals of the genre.

In Argentina, they break call records with the presentation of the album in front of 35 thousand people in Av. Figueroa Alcorta and Pampa. A few months later they summon 15 thousand people in the Velodrome of the City of Bs. As. And close the year in front of 7 thousand people who fill the amphitheater of Sarmiento Park.

Just a year later, in 1999, and in the midst of all this maelstrom, ANIMAL launches what would be his fifth studio album, entitled "Use all your strength", recorded once again in Los Angeles, this plate features artistic production by Richard Kaplan, Chuck Johnson, and the co-production of Andrés Giménez.

In this case the luxury collaboration is in charge of the great Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, who contributes his voice in the classic version of "Highway to hell" of AC / DC.

With this new album the band access to dreamed places and are part of Warped Tour 2000, being the first and only Spanish-speaking band invited, and performs more than 60 shows across the United States with bands like Green Day, No Doubt , NOFX, Papa Roach, Millencolin and others. At the same time they tour around Europe and return to Argentina to close this album successfully in large shows throughout the country and are again protagonists of two historical events in his career. They play live at the prestigious Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, paying homage to Jorge Luis Borges along with artists such as Mercedes Sosa, Pedro Aznar, Rubén Juárez, Jairo, and Lito Vitale, among others; and they are part of the live album of this tribute.

At the same time, they are invited along with other international artists such as Andrés Calamaro, Joaquín Sabina, Milton Nascimento, Miguel Bosé, El Tri, Alejandro Sanz and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, among others, to participate in the album "Marinero en Tierra", a tribute to Pablo Neruda ; sounding a poem by the Chilean author entitled "No tan alto".

In 2001 after two uninterrupted years of tour, the band enters studios to capture "ANIMAL 6", their sixth album. Continuing with their way of working, they return to Los Angeles. On this occasion the artistic production was in charge of Richard Kaplan and Andrés Giménez; For the mix of the album, the engineer Chuck Johnson joins the team; achieving a step further in its sound and composition; exposing the wildest and raw side of the band. Undoubtedly this is the heaviest and metaliest record in the history of ANIMAL

As can not be otherwise the guests are also deluxe and participate, Pinche Peach (Sorcery), Ricardo Mollo (Sumo, Divided), Gambit (Mano Negra, Manu Chao), Martin Carrizo (ex ANIMAL, Gustavo Cerati,) and the historic Punk singer Argentino Piltrafa (Los Violadores).

For that moment the band already had scheduled presentations of this album both in Argentina and in the rest of the world. This is how they carry out a very extensive national and international tour. At the same time they decide to create their own festival called ANIMAL Fest.

2004 arrives and after almost four months of composition they enter again to record and in the same year ANIMAL publishes what would be until the moment its last official album of study titled "Combativo", this plate shows the maturity of the band, that with the passage of time was growing without limits and he knew how to combine different sounds within his style.

As usual, they tour Argentina and the rest of the region and lead national and international festivals such as Rock al Parque (Colombia), Pepsi Music (Argentina, overflowing the capacity of the stadium) and are invited to open the Slipknot shows in Buenos Aires , on two memorable nights due to the tremendous euphoria of the audience.

After having edited 7 studio albums (several of them gold discs), being part of more than 30 compilations, filming 14 official videos, receiving awards from MTV and other well-known international media, traveling thousands of kilometers on tours around the world. world, and have revolutionized the sound of Latin metal; ANIMAL announces its dissolution in February 2006 through a press release.

Today, nine years later, the Latino Power is back, with two shows completely sold out, on May 29 and 31, 2015, in Buenos Aires - Argentina

ANIMAL returns to the stages and is preparing to tour both his country, as the rest of the world and plan to enter to record a new studio album.

ANIMAL - Andrés Giménez guitar and voice, Cristian Lapolla bass and choirs, Marcelo Castro drums, are ready to continue making history.