Performance Info

Friday, January 26, 2018 — 3:00 pm to 3:40 pm

Artist Info

singer, lead guitar player
Lance Gumond
Jordan Barbee
Dominic Thorpe
Synth, Percussion
Christi Bader
Bass, Vocals
Jared woosley
Endorsed By:
Tiffany Stalker, Korg, Crush drums, Orange amps, Janine leslie (Kirlin Cables), earthquaker devices, fox pedal co., Henretta Engineering, 1more, souldier guitar straps, sam ash music, guitar center, Roc-n-soc, Source Audio, Dean Markley
One of their earliest songs. they wrote it about acceptance, and being accepted
This is another early one, its about finding love with someone who isnt on the spectrum


Peoria, Arizona

Heartstrings has been a band for 4 years. They met each other at One Step Beyond (a day program that provides opportunities for individuals with intellectual learning disabilities) music program and realized immediately that they all shared the same passion for music like so many do. My name is Jared Woosley, I am the music director for One Step Beyond, and I've been a musician for the last 25 years. I can honestly say that I've never met a group of musicians more amazing and determined in my entire life.

What makes them different is that they are all faced with extreme challenges, and they fight with the power of music. When you see them in action, you cant help but to take the "dis" out of disabilities, and focus only on their "ABILITIES"

When we started filming the magic in the music room for the Heartstrings documentary, we saw them first meet, we saw them write their first song, we gave them encouragement when they asked if they would ever record a song..or play a live show. Since then they have done all those things and more. Their style is so unique and refreshing, they write ALL their own songs ranging from rock, alternative, 80's synth pop, to reggae. 

At the end of the year we are wrapping up their moving documentary with recording their first record with Sean Beavan (NIN, Manson, No Doubt, Guns n Roses) right after attending the NAMM convention to meet and greet with all of our NAMM member sponsors like KORG, Dean Markley, Orange, Souldier, Source Audio, Henretta, Fox Pedals, Earthquaker Devices, 1more, Roc-N-Soc, Kirlin, and Fender.

The members of this band speak out about their disabilities to educate and inspire people to look past the challenges some have, and focus on the good. They are leaders and innovators on the mission for social change for the special needs community.They use music as their tool to break down stereotypes, and strive for inclusion within the music community.


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