Performance Info

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 10:00pm to 10:40pm
NAMM Hilton Stage

Artist Info

Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Chris Butler
Vocals, Bass, Percussion
Kristen Brassel Butler
Endorsed By:
Mario Guitars, Stringjoy, G7th The Capo Company
Magnolia Wind - "Ghosts"
Magnolia Wind - "He's Gone"
Magnolia Wind - "Misery Business" (LIVE)

Magnolia Wind

Nashville, TN

Magnolia Wind are an incredible, award-winning, husband and wife duo. Their unique combination of Americana, Rock, Country, and Folk provides a fresh sound on the Nashville music scene. Both being accomplished musicians, Chris and Kristen are able to switch instruments effortlessly to provide a much bigger sound than you expect from a duo. The two have captivated and connected with audiences everywhere they play. 

Chris Butler - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Kristen Brassel Butler - Vocals, Bass, Percussion

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