Performance Info

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 — 5:00 pm to 5:40 pm

Artist Info

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Ukelele, Primary Songwriter
Paula Boggs
Guitar, Banjo, Ukelele
Mark Chinen
Drums, Music Director
Sandy Greenbaum
Percussion, Background Vocals
Tor Dietrichson
Keyboards, Accordion, Background Vocals
Josh Hou
Bass, Background Vocals
Isaac Castillo
Endorsed By:
Breedlove Guitars
"Holocene," Track 5 of album "Elixir, The Soulgrass Sessions" (2017)
"Two Daughters," Track 8 of album "Elixir, The Soulgrass Sessions" (2017)
"We All Fall Down" Track 7 of album "Elixir, The Soulgrass Sessions" (2017)

Paula Boggs Band

Seattle, WA

Army Airborne vet Boggs and 6-piece Paula Boggs Band traverse jazz, bluegrass, blues, rock and Americana. They released debut album "A Buddha State of Mind" in 2010 and "Carnival of Miracles," produced by Grammy-winning Trina Shoemaker in 2015. Their sound is "Seattle-Brewed Soulgrass," the band performs nationally, has appeared on TV, performs on radio live in-studio and the subject of several radio interviews, podcasts, blogs and articles. The band released a live EP of consciousness songs in January 2017 and album "Elixir, The Soulgrass Sessions," also produced by Shoemaker, on 9/15/17. Single "Benediction" from that album premiered in June 2017 on the second anniversary of the Charleston, SC church murders in a live performance with Mother Emanuel AME Choir at Charleston Music Hall. Four members of Paula Boggs Band have played together 10 years and audiences delight in the band's tight musicianship, unique sound, incisive lyrics and joy exuding from the stage. The Band is proud too of it's association with Breedlove Guitars, a NAMM member the band got to know better while performing at the show in 2017.

"Boggs makes...urban, jazzy music...nested within the structures of traditional folk, bluegrass, and even standard blues harmony...She calls her music “soulgrass,” and she reminds me a little of Gil Scott-Heron, if only for the razor-intensity of her words."

Dave Good, San Diego Reader

“Boggs is like: the Dylan, the Peter, Paul, and Mary, the Joan Baez of this era.”

- Phil King, AudioFuzz

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