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Friday, January 26, 2018 — 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm

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One woman band: guitar, vocals, ukulele, kick drum, hi hat, looping pedals
Tiffany Christopher
Indie Pop
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Somewhere Behind the Sun
Keep it on the DL
Keeping Me Around

Tiffany Christopher

Denver, CO

Tiffany Christopher


Pushing the boundaries of a traditional singer/songwriter, Tiffany Christopher has developed a musical career of highly acclaimed performances as a one-woman band. Creating her own alternative brand of pop rock, she has opened for and performed with a wide variety of trend-setting musicians including the Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco, Ray LaMontagne, Regina Spektor, Billy Corgan, Martin Sexton and Michael Franti.

It’s easy to develop a love affair with Tiffany’s songs and live performance. Her fantastic musical world brings together smart vocals, impressive musicianship and powerful arrangements that make you want to dance and, at the same time, ponder life’s meaning. Armed with a plethora of instruments, Tiffany shows her mastery of voicing and nuance while handling virtuosic performance with ease.


Tiffany honed her unique skills while performing throughout the Midwest and West for over a decade – both with a band and as her one-woman act – averaging over 200 gigs per year. Growing up in Illinois, music had always been central to Christopher’s life, from her first guitar lesson from her father: learning the lead riff of “Johnny B Goode,” to fronting a jazz band in high school, and eventually attending a vocational music college in Iowa. It was here she learned the technical aspects of performance & arranging, and found her voice and charisma on stage.

After college she continued to develop her songwriting while playing in jazz bands and fronting an original rock ‘n’ roll group that toured extensively. After disbanding, Christopher took her acoustic guitar back on the solo circuit and became a favored opener for artists including Brandi Carlisle, Indigo Girls, Ani deFranco, Ray LeMontagne, Regina Spektor, Jethro Tull and Martin Sexton.

As she was refining her solo show, a friend introduced her to a style of recording live called “looping,” which changed everything for her. "Being able to build arrangements on stage on the fly, in real time, started making my solo show stronger and stronger, and gave me a much broader palette to create with," she says.

Now multi-located between Santa Fe and Denver, Tiffany has found a tribe of like-minded bandmates called The Hunting Party to back her up. The group consists of upright bass & banjo player Kalin Capra, and aux percussion, guitar, mandolin, keyboard player & vocalist Briony Hunn.

Latest Album: Tremendous Heart

Christopher’s fourth and most acclaimed album to date, “Tremendous Heart,” is a polished version of the artist’s renowned live arrangements, and features Kenny Passarelli on electric bass, Dean Oldencott on drums, as well as guest appearances by fiddle player Bridget Law from Elephant Revival, cellist Philip Parker, John Macy on pedal and lap steel guitar, and Kalin Capra on upright bass and banjo.

With songs close to her heart, the album tells stories of loneliness, passion and the human spirit, with much of the inspiration found on a journey across the Camino de Santiago, in Spain, and along the Borderlands of Mexico. Tracks such as “Queen of Sand” reflect the woes of being a road warrior; missing out on love and experiences back home. Songs of longing are complemented by edgy and catchy pop tunes, like “The Joneses,” which speaks to the working class of middle America, and “Somewhere Behind the Sun,” an invigorating world-conscious ballad written with a ukulele in hand while walking through Spain.

“Tremendous Heart” is available for streaming and digital download at: