3D Audio Sound Filters

Hooke Audio

Designed to engage both current and non Hooke Verse owners in the growing 3D Audio market, filters like "Concert," "Delaytor," and "Steroscoper" can be overlaid on Hooke Audio binaural recordings in addition to videos made with the smartphone's built-in mic.

The filters include:

  • Verbamon - Add reverb to acoustic guitar recordings or bedroom vocals with Verbamon.
  • Delaytor - Add echo and make recordings sound out of this world with Delaytor.
  • Stereoscoper - Turn videos captured with the built in mono iPhone mic into rich multichannel stereo sound with Stereoscoper.
  • Concert - Make your concert recordings pop with concert filter.
  • Interview - Eliminate unnecessary noise like light hum or fan noise when conducting an interview with the interview filter.