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Transformer Isolated Discrete Transistor Preamp


Niagara Falls, NY - Applied Research and Technology, a division of Yorkville Sound, announces the release of the new ART Trans X, a two channel solid state preamp.

The ART Trans X is our third-generation discrete preamp which provides clean quiet gain while maintaining incredible transparency. ART has been known for their value-added tube based preamps for over 25 years. With the Trans X, ART offers more choices with the rugged and reliable performance of a transformer based design.

The ART Trans X has dedicated Jensen Transformers on the input which block RF and other noise while custom output transformers block DC, providing for balanced or unbalanced output. It has Variable XLR input impedance for creative control and attractive LED Meter arrays with peak hold. The detented rotary pots enable consistent, repeatable results every time.

The Trans X is housed in a standard 1u space rack-mountable steel chassis, with high quality components, and is designed for years of reliable operation in the studio, production facility, or on the road.

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ABOUT ART - Applied Research and Technology began producing professional audio signal processing equipment in 1984 after former employees of the original MXR Innovations created the company. Since then, it has become one of the world’s largest signal processing manufacturers, developing and distributing products for the music industry for nearly 30 years. ART was acquired by Yorkville Sound in late 1999 and has offices in Rochester, New York—Niagara Falls, New York with its corporate parent housed in Pickering Ontario, Canada.

ABOUT YORKVILLE – Yorkville Sound has been a manufacturer of PA systems and loudspeakers, Traynor instrument amplifiers, installed audio systems and accessories since its inception in 1963. The company now employs over 220 people in a 150,000 sq ft facility in Pickering Ontario, Canada (a suburb of Toronto).

In addition to its manufacturing capability, Yorkville Sound is an importer and distributor of microphones, and accessories under the Apex brand ( as well as studio effects, signal processors, microphone preamps and accessories under the brand name Applied Research & Technology (ART) ( originally based in Rochester New York. Yorkville Sound distributed lines include Granite Percussion, Denver Guitars, Orion FX Lighting, Dynaudio PRO and Hughes & Kettner Amplifiers for North America; Epiphone Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Mapex Drums, Los Cabos Drumsticks, Line 6, Ernie Ball Strings, Rotosound Strings, Dean Markley Strings, Snark Tuners, GoPro Cameras, TrueTone Pedals, Gibson Pro Audio, Cerwin-Vega, Stanton, KRK as well as Gallien-Krueger amplifiers for Canada.