Beautiful Exotic Striped Ebony, Now on Córdoba Ukuleles

Cordoba Guitars

Córdoba is pleased to introduce a new ukulele series to its growing ukulele product line. The 21 Series ukuleles feature solid spruce tops and exotic striped ebony back and sides for a guitar-inspired look and sound. The aesthetic is subtle and classic with a satin finish, timeless hand-inlaid wooden rope rosette, and matching purfling. Striped ebony features a high-contrast wood grain pattern, making each ukulele unique. Available in four sizes from soprano to baritone, and with a tenor cutaway-electric option, these ukes continue Córdoba's pattern of top notch, serious ukuleles that sound as beautiful and refined as they look.


21S (Soprano): $179.99 MAP • $235 MSRP

21C (Concert): $189.99 MAP• $245 MSRP

21T (Tenor): $199.99 MAP• $260 MSRP

21T-CE (Tenor with Electronics): $229.99 MAP • $300 MSRP

21B (Baritone): $209.99 MAP • $270 MSRP