CARBON PRO: The popular all-round Carbon fiber drumstick


Techra Carbon PRO Drumstick has the same weight of the wooden one, but has 20% less rebound, and it is three times more durable, but yet still powerful. it is slightly front-weighted to improve power and speed. It is perfectly balanced and the sound volume is higher than classic drumsticks. With the rubber tip placed at the bottom of it, it ensures vibration absorption.

With these features, Carbon PRO sticks are perfectly suitable for any kind of music, from jazz to pop and rock.

More comfort and grip are provided for in the Carbon PRO Supergrip edition whose handle has a rubber covering to enhance the grip and avoid any slippery effect.

Carbon PRO are environment friendly, as all TECHRA drumsticks, since they are made with the help of other materials than trees that are so essential for human life.