CLEAR TUNE MONITORS - The Best In-Ears for Drummers

Clear Tune Monitors

As musicians, we can tell for sure the needs of every single musician are different.  Some instruments work with high frequencies, some with mids and some of them work with the entire spectrum.  There’s also the matter of noise,  and what instrument can be noiser than drums?


Playing drums on-stage is not easy at all.  The monitoring issue is really tricky and sometimes it doesn’t give the musician exactly what he needs to work with.  That’s where a Custom Clear Tune Monitors set of In-Ears saves the day! First of all, being completely custom shaped, the noise isolation they offer is really amazing.  We are talking about -26dB. This means almost no stage unwanted noise is going in the drummers ear while performing.


Talking about the model, well, for drummers we recommend any model from the CT-300 Pro up.  Either the CT-400 Pro, the CT-500 Elite or the CT-6E will guarantee the drummer will get the frequencies he wants and needs to hear.  But drummers themselves had made the CT-500 Elite their favorite because of the punchy sound it delivers and its solid lows.


Using IEMs has another incredible benefit.  Having all the sound directly in the ears, prevents feedback.  Yes! It’s virtually impossible to produce feedbacks wearing IEMs because you’ll have no speakers pointing at any mics.


Drummers from all latitudes and any style or kinds of music are wearing, enjoying and recommending Clear Tune Monitors.  You want to see for yourself?  Check out this video!