Cling On Tuner Press Release

Elite Guitar

Introducing the MAGNETIC Cling On Tuner®


Digital clip tuners have been on the market for quite a while, but not much has changed since they were invented. Coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes they have one thing in common: a BULKY CLIP that in most cases is bigger than the tuner itself. Clipped onto the head stock, they are obtrusive, an eye sore during performances, and pain to transport because they need to be removed when placing the instrument in its gig bag or case.

The magnetic Cling On Tuner® solves these problems. It makes tuning quick, easy and fun. Equipped with a very small yet super-powerful rare-earth magnet, it will cling on to any metal including tuning machines, tuning gears, metal plates, and even metal strap pins. Each tuner also comes with a mini magnetic base that can be attached anywhere on the instrument, giving you the freedom to place the tuner anywhere you want. Unlike bulkier conventional clip-on designs, this patented tuner can be placed discreetly and conveniently behind the headstock of any guitar, ukulele, mandolin, or banjo. The magnetic Cling On Tuner® demonstrates the perfect balance between outstanding functionality and elegant design.


Key advantages:


Compact – because there is no bulky clip, the overall size of this tuner is about half the size of a traditional clip tuner. Still, it has one of the largest and brightest 2-color LCD displays.

Convenient – Folds compactly when not in use so you can leave it on the instrument. It is very quick and easy to attach and detach from the instrument.

Discreet – if placed behind the head stock of most fretted instruments, it will be completely hidden out of sight.

• Fun to use – magnets are fun and that encourages students to use it to tune their instruments more often.

Versatile – The Cling On Tuner® can be placed virtually anywhere on the instrument where the user may find it convenient. It is not limited just to the headstock.