ddrum Introduces The Second Coming: Dios Maple Series at NAMM 2018



January 22nd, 2018 


Ddrum is proud to announce the second coming of the Dios Maple Series.  Based on the original Dios Maple drum kits that were discontinued in 2012, the all-new Dios series features supreme attention to detail. Tom shells are 6-ply, 5.6 millimeters, bass drums are 6 ply 6mm and snares are 8 ply 8mm and feature ddrum’s original formula maple shell.  Bearing edges are 45 degrees with a 30 degree counter cut. Toms also feature our upgraded FixPitch mounting system, and bass drums feature our Resolifts isolators to decouple the bass drum from the floor.

The all-new Dios series is available in 4 custom-inspired lacquer finishes: Red Cherry Sparkle, Satin Gold, Emerald Sparkle and Satin Black. Three configurations are available as well as add-on drums, to further customize your set up. All Dios bass drums come in our original 20” depth for added tone and projection. Dios is a true revelation of sound.


Contact: Felix DeLuna

ddrum Director of Marketing and Artist Relations

4924 W. Waters Ave. Tampa, FL 33634

Office: 813-600-3920 x227