Do you think that drumsticks can be made only out of wood? Try TECHRA drumsticks and you will change your view. Carbon fiber is the future of drumsticks that combine playability and green value, perfection of sound and lightness.  Techra drumsticks are 100% recyclable, since TECHRA use materials coming from the natural decomposition of the forest. All TECHRA drumsticks are made with the help of other materials than trees that are so essential for human life. This does not mean they are less suitable: rather, composites can offer higher performance than wood.  The result is an innovative drumstick that ensure strength and durability, with a perfect balance and weight. Many drummers from around the world are enthusiastic about using them and do not want to come back to “the past”, the wood. With this in mind, TECHRA is now able to offer six lines of innovative drumsticks: - XCARB: the lightest, fastest and still powerful drumstick for fine and precise playing; - The Hammer of the Gods: the most powerful and durable drumstick ever dedicated to hard hitters and heavy metal; - Carbon PRO: the popular all-round carbon fiber drumstick suitable for any kind of music; - Carbon PRO  supergrip: the handle has a rubber covering to enhance the grip and avoid any slippery effect; - E-Rhythm: a really low noise drumstick for electronic drums and warm-up; - POWER: a good sound and durability for a great price. www.techra-drumsticks.com