E-RHYTHM: A really low noise drumsticks for electronic drums


E-Rhythm Techra is the perfect drumstick for pad practice and warm-up. It is specifically designed for an acoustic/electronic drum set.

Thanks to the proprietary process called CHEMBOND, rubber tips are perfectly chemically bonded (patented) to the sticks and helps vibration absorption.

Although it has the same weight of the wooden drumstick, but it guarantees 25% less noise. It is perfectly balanced and it has higher rebound than a wood stick. More comfort and high stiffness allow for the tonal expression that a drummer looks for in the pad practice. E-Rhythm gives each drummer the opportunity to discover a real, consistent and wide field for his expression!

E-Rhythm are environment friendly, as all TECHRA drumsticks, since they are made with the help of other materials than trees that are so essential for human life.