EBS NeoLine 210, 212 and 410 cabinets now also in 8 ohm

EBS Sweden AB

Have you ever felt limited by the choices of EBS cabinets available to use with your lightweight amplifier? The introduction of the NeoLine 210, 212 and 410 in 8 ohm configurations opens new possibilities for you to find the perfect setup to meet your needs! How? The EBS Reidmar amplifiers, and most other lightweight bass amps, are limited to handle a 4 ohm minimum speaker load. With most EBS cabinets previously available 4 ohm only, the option to run two EBS cabinets together with one amplifier has been limited to the mini-size 112 cabinets. These three new 8 ohm additions opens up several new possibilities how to build your rig without going below a total load at 4 ohm (2x 8 ohm = 4 ohm).    Why does it matter? Two cabinets move more air than one. That contributes to the overall sound and improves the bottom of the sound. At the same time, if you own a combination of, for instance, an 8 ohm 210 and 212 cabinet, you will have three distinct options to use at the gig. Either the full stack, just the 210 or the 212 depending on the type of gig and size of the venue. All NeoLine cabinets are made in Sweden. The new 8 ohm models (NEO-210/8, NEO-410/8 and NEO-212/8) can be ordered right now through any EBS distributor. Price from $1,199.95 (Neo-210/8) PS. The standard configuration of the NeoLine cabinets are still going to be 4 ohm. The 8 ohm models are available as special orders only at this point, except for the mini-sized 112 model that has always been available in 8 ohm only.   More details after The NAMM Show at www.ebssweden.com