Gig Gear LLC Showcases the Full Line of Gig Gloves at The 2018 NAMM Show

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Gig Gear will be exhibiting it's full range of Gig Gloves at the 2018 NAMM Show

Anaheim, CA – January 24, 2018 - Brooklyn, New York based manufacturer Gig Gear LLC will be exhibiting at the Winter NAMM Show for the first time since 2015, showcasing its full line of Gig Gloves, work gloves designed specifically for production professionals. Gig Gear will have its products on display for roadies, musicians, DJs, techs and all other live production professionals to view and try on. Gig Gear is actively continuing to grow its dealer base and will be looking to interface with buyers as well to initiate new dealer sign-ups.  

“Gig Gloves have made great strides in becoming the standard work glove for production and live event professionals in the music, audio, concert and touring industries as well as the theater tech and stage and lighting industries,” said Daniel Shatzkes, founder and principal of Gig Gear LLC. “We'd like to make sure that retail and e-commerce operations in the MI industry are aware of the importance of hand safety for all production professionals and that they should be carrying our gloves in their stores and on their websites."  

Gig Gloves are work gloves designed specifically for all production professionals including roadies, musicians, DJs, AV techs, lighting and stage techs, theater techs, grips, etc. Gig Gloves allow users to perform practically any task without having to remove the gloves and are available in three models: Original Gig Gloves – which provide visibility of the hands in low-light environments; Gig Gloves ONYX – and all black version for those who need to be discreet; and THERMO Gig Gloves – which are fleece-lined for working on cold sets. All three versions provide complete protection on the back of the hands and palms, breathability for extended use to eliminate sweating, access to the first three fingers via fold-over fingertips for fine motor tasks, and touchscreen capability directly through the fabric. All three versions come in 6 sizes (XS - XXL) and allow production professionals to keep their hands protected the entire time they are working without compromising on the ability to do any and all of their work.



Gig Gear LLC, founded in the summer of 2014, was launched by Daniel Shatzkes with the intent of providing productionand live event professionals with novel and innovative products to make their jobs easier, safer, more efficient and more fun.