High Resolution Audio Mastering Suite - Sound it! 8 Pro


Sound it! is a multifunctional and versatile audio editing, mastering and processing software. High-quality sound and ability of sound design, support for high resolution audio (DSD File formats), fully compatible to native 64bit operating systems, comes with professional bundled effects, batch processing capability and more, giving you the ability to answer to any professional sound engineers or high-end audiophiles' demands. - High-Resolution PCM Maximum 768kHz/32Bit INT and DSD 256/128/64 Formats - DSD Native Recording / Playback  - Sonnox Restoration Plug-ins, De-Noiser, De-Clicker and De-Buzzer  - Bundles 49 Powerful Effect Plug-ins, Including Sonnox EQ, Limiter and Reverb  - VST 2/3 and Audio Units (AU) Support *Audio Units (AU) are available on only Macintosh edition.  - Mastering & Post-production  - Automation Envelope  - Batch Processing  - DDP Creation  - Creat ACID Files  - Price : $199  - HP : http://www.ssw.co.jp/en/