JodyJazz Adds Tenor Model to Popular New SUPER JET Series

JodyJazz Inc.

World renowned Saxophone mouthpiece makers JodyJazz Inc have announced the introduction of a new saxophone mouthpiece model, the new SUPER JET Tenor. An addition to their extremely successful SUPER JET Series of mouthpieces, the new JodyJazz SUPER JET Tenor offers many of the same performance characteristics that made the SUPER JET Alto so popular. The new SUPER JET Tenor is available in 6, 7, 7*, 8*, 9* & 10* tip openings.


Launched in January 2017, the JodyJazz SUPER JET Altos quickly became extremely popular and are now among the company's top selling Alto mouthpiece models. Developed specifically with the Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Rock and Funk player in mind, the SUPER JET Alto is a very contemporary sounding mouthpiece with many characteristics that JodyJazz had not offered in their range previously. The new SUPER JET Tenor model is going to give you more power, more edge and more altissimo. But like the Alto model, it is beautifully free-blowing with enough bottom in the sound to make it more versatile than many mouthpieces in this category of small chamber pieces.


"As our first mouthpiece with these brighter characteristics, we were extremely excited by the success of the SUPER JET Alto," said Jody Espina, JodyJazz’s Founder and President. “A number of our top Endorser Artists like Andy Snitzer and Darren Rahn are playing the SUPER JET Alto now and all of them who play Tenor immediately asked 'when can I get this in a tenor!?' Espina continued. "So we began the development right away and I'm delighted with the result. Anyone who likes the Alto model will be blown away by the Tenor. If you like plenty of volume and cutting power, this mouthpiece is for you!!"


The new SUPER JET Tenor models are made at the JodyJazz factory in Savannah, GA using five-axis CNC technology. It is a Silver-Plated Brass mouthpiece and incorporates many of the same state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques developed by JodyJazz during the design and development of the award-winning DV Series. Each SUPER JET Tenor is individually hand-crafted to the strictest quality standards and every single mouthpiece is fully gauged and play tested by experienced professionals before it leaves the factory. The new SUPER JET Tenors have a MSRP of $395.00 and ship with Rico H Ligature, Cap & Pouch. For more information please contact