LD Systems Launches MAUI 5 GO – Long-Life Battery Design PA with Quick-Swap Tech

LD Systems

LD Systems presents the MAUI 5® GO, the battery-operated version of the award-winning, ultra-portable column PA system MAUI® 5. This all-in-one system – a winner of the Red Dot and iF Design Award – combines excellent audio quality with an exceptionally compact design. With virtually unlimited battery life, it provides musicians, DJs and event organizers with an impressively flexible and expandable sound and monitoring solution for mobile applications complete with Bluetooth®.   The MAUI® 5 GO is an ultra-compact PA and monitor system in a mobile housing that weighs just under 13 kg and has a maximum sound pressure of 120 dB. Equipped with four 3-inch, mid-range speakers/tweeters for striking mids and transparent highs and an 8-inch subwoofer for a powerful bass range down to 50 Hz, the MAUI® 5 GO offers a compelling full-range sound in combination with its integrated class D amplifier that has a peak output of 800 watts. This easily allows sound production for an audience of more than a hundred people.   Unlimited mobile operation Depending on use, the LG Chem lithium-ion battery in the MAUI® 5 GO allows mobile operation for up to 30 hours and can be completely charged in just three hours via the charging unit integrated in the subwoofer. Thanks to LD Systems' unique Quick-Swap technology, the battery element can be removed without tools from the MAUI® 5 GO in a matter of seconds. As such, the operating period of the mobile column PA can be extended virtually infinitely. This makes the MAUI® 5 GO an ideal PA system for numerous applications – from busking and mobile DJ use through to off-grid music and speech at private or business events.   Intuitive configuration and flexible connections Its low weight of just under 13 kg makes the four-piece unit ultra-easy to transport, and thanks to its convenient multi-pin connectors it is assembled and ready to use in a matter of seconds. With a diverse range of analogue sockets for microphones, instruments and players, as well as the option to hook up to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth®, the MAUI® 5 GO offers countless creative possibilities for live performers, speakers, integrators, etc.  For larger-scale audio functions, two MAUI® 5 GO units can easily be connected to a stereo system via a single cable and configured using the integrated preset selection key. The MAUI® 5 GO also allows daisy-chaining of any number of systems so as to provide mobile audio for larger areas and events, too.     #NAMM2018 #ProAudio #ProLighting #EventTech     Further information: www.ld-systems.com/MAUI5GO www.ld-systems.com   Information about Adam Hall Group: www.adamhall.com blog.adamhall.com