MIDI Commander-MIDI foot controller

Melo Audio

MIDI Commander is a full-featured MIDI foot controller that gives guitarists amazing flexibility and control. It’s compatible with all MIDI controlled devices such as audio interface, guitar amp or racks that has MIDI-IN port. 10 foot switches and two expression pedal input meets the needs of the most demanding guitarists.

Main Feature:

  • USB MIDI controller / Stand alone MIDI controller
  • 10 foot switches with easy-to-use Host Matching configuration
  • 2 Expression pedal jacks for Volume and Wah control together
  • 8 Host presets including JamUp, Bias FX, AXE FX, KPA etc.
  • 2 deep level customizable presets for Program Change and CC#
  • Supporting AAA x 2 batteries, Up to 40 hours playing
  • On-board charging function for rechargeable batteries