New additions to EBS space saving pedal accessories

EBS Sweden AB

Following the success with EBS original flat patch cables, the company now adds new products to the concept. The latest additions include Stereo patch cables, and daisy-chain cables with super slim flat contacts, as well as an updated version of EBS 9V DC power supply called the AD9 Pro. EBS Flat Patch Stereo Cables EBS now introduce flat patch cables with stereo (TRS) contacts in the PCF-Deluxe series. These are available in two lengths, 28 cm (PCF-DLS28) and 58 cm (PCF-DLS58). Estimated price from $7.95 (PCF-DLS28). The cables are ready to ship after NAMM.   EBS Daisy Chain Cables with Flat contacts With a similar design as the EBS flat patch cables, these super slim cables distribute DC power to your pedals without getting in the way of anything else, allowing for tight and neat looking pedalboard setups. The cables are available in 1 to 2 (DC-2-90F), 1 to 4 (DC-4-90F) and 1 to 6 (DC-6-90F), and can be chained together to supply as many pedals you like from a DC power supply, like the EBS AD9 Pro. Price from $6.95.  The cables are shipping now.   EBS AD9 Pro, 9V DC Power Supply The AD9 Pro is a compact DC power supply that only occupy one outlet socket, without interfering surrounding outlet sockets. It provides a 1000 mA, stable and hum free power which is enough to power up to 20 pedals with a single supply.* Estimated price $39  The AD9 Pro is ready to ship now.   *The total need is depending on the pedals power consumption. The estimation of 20 pedals is based on the most common consumption levels of effects for bass and guitar.     Find more space saving accessories at under “Accessories”