Ormsby Guitars Custom Shop Exhibition Dance of Death 2 Guitar

Ormsby Guitars

Ormsby Guitars channels the middle ages and death through a truly unique 6 string multiscale guitar.

Modern luthiery forges with artistic inspiration from the past.

Inspired by great artistic works of the late middle ages, the custom made SX Dance of Death 2 revives ancient wood carving techniques in a modern multiscale instrument.

Further inspiration is derived from the great cathedrals of the world with a unique stained-glass effect over the laser-etched flame maple top, which has then been sealed, aged and cracked in nitrocellulose. Designed to focus your playing down to the bare essentials with a single Ormsby custom pickup and Hipshot USA hardware, this guitar will take your playing beyond this lifetime.

Ormsby Guitars Custom Shop Exhibition Dance of Death 2 Guitar highlights include:

  • Laser-etched 14th century style ‘Danse Macabre’ artwork into flame maple top
  • Stained glass coloured top with aged and relic’d nitro-cellulous finish
  • 3-piece flame maple neck
  • Single custom Ormsby Nunchucker A8 pickup
  • Deep contoured set-neck design with 25.5-27.5” Multiscale
  • Ormsby ‘semi-scallops’ from the 12th-24th frets for effortless upper-fret action

Founded in 2004, Ormsby Guitars is a custom shop guitar company from Perth, Western Australia that specialises in exotic multiscale and extended range instruments. In 2015 the Ormsby GTR range was created to meet community demand for high quality, modern guitars at an affordable price point. Ormsby Guitars’ innovative designs, finishes, and playability continue to evolve and impress players the world over.