Ormsby Guitars Exhibition Custom Battle-worn Metal Combatant Multiscale Guitar

Ormsby Guitars

There’s more than meets the eye with Ormsby Guitars’ battle-worn custom shop Metal 6 string multiscale When all hell’s breaking loose, reach for this guitar Born from chaos and powered by an imploding star, this battle-worn ‘metal’ model from the Ormsby custom shop is every 80s-kid’s dream. Crafted around a 6 string Mulitscale bolt-on construction, this guitar has endured galactic warfare and has lived to tell its tales. Utilizing numerous relicing techniques and custom electronics, this guitar is a true testament to master luthier Perry Ormsby’s broad skillset and creativity. BATTLE-WORN METAL COMBATANT custom highlights include:

  • Intricate custom ‘battle-worn’ detailing
  • Exposed parts and computer processors
  • NEW Ormsby ‘MFP’ pickup featuring a balanced ~11k output and A8 magnet on rails
  • LED side-dot lighting with multiple colour control
  • Electronic lighting systems and displays within carbon fibre cavities
  • Satin pearl and chameleon colour shift finishing coat

  Australian Custom Shop factory direct only pricing on enquiry