Paoletti Instruments

Guitars aged to Perfection, reshaping history.

For the occasion of the 2018 NAMM show, Paoletti Guitar Company presents our entire line of instruments made from centenarian wine barrels.

Paoletti Guitars Owner Fabrizio Paoletti announces the official exposition of our old, new and flagship products at 2018 NAMM show booth# 4025. At this event, all the secrets behind the use of our ancient Italian wood are to be unveiled, with a 360° sound test made from professional guitar players.

Who we are: Paoletti Guitars, based in Tuscany (ITALY) began to make use of the antique wine barrels left behind from their old family business, then recovering much more in Italy, the land of Chianti red wine. Many of these barrels made of 130­/150 ­year­-old chestnut wood. We soon realized that this gave the instruments a very distinct and unique tone, that has been sought after by the likes of Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, Brian May of Queen, Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, and Metallica, just to name a few artists.

“This work of art is insanely perfect, she rocks,” says Rex Brown owner of the Leather Nancy Tele.
And Rex is not the only artist who has enjoyed the family traditions:
“Harmonics, like never heard before, a perfect mix of woods,” says J.Norum Europe, Paoletti Guitars official Endorser from 2016.  “One of the best sounding T style I’ve ever heard in my life” Phil X ­ Bon Jovi. These are just a few of the feedback we are proud to share with all our clients, distributors and dealers around the world who are carrying in their hands, years of history and tone.




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