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Freedom Custom Guitar Research Co., Ltd

Freedom Custom Guitar Research Co.,Ltd,

Rhino, Anthra and Hydra, EZa and Pepper

Freedom Custom Guitar Research Co.,Ltd, was first established in 1998 in Tokyo, Japan.

All of our products are made at our factory in Tokyo.

Our mission is to make electric guitars & basses that can survive for one century. Therefore, all of our products are warranted for 100 years. (This is a limited warranty)

In order to achieve this ultimate goal, Freedom Custom Guitar Research always matches the rarest and finest woods to every guitar and bass, and carefully controls and ensures the quality for every part of the instrument, such as front, back, body, fingerboard, and neck. Our premium guitars and basses feature the best possible sound, the most sophisticated functions, and amazing looks with the highest durability.

We feature the following:

1. Our guitar and bass use fine and smooth original stainless steel frets. These frets have the effect of both chrome and stainless steel frets.

Our innovative frets call “type WARM “ is as smooth as stainless steel frets and the sound almost the same as nickel silver frets.

2. We use an original neck joint method called “ARIMIZO & One Point Joint,” which involves a dovetail joint with only one screw to Hydra, Hydra classic, Rhino, Dulake, Dulake flat and Dulake libero. The dovetail joint connects the body and neck together seamlessly. By controlling the torque of the joint, anyone can easily change the guitar resonance with only one wrench. It has the same effect as adding a third tone controller.

3, The Rhaino series is a 34 inch scale dinky J style bass, equipped with an active preamplifier circuit and pickup of FCGR's original design. This bass guitar was designed based on passive sound.

The Hydra series is a 25-inch scale double cutaway dinky shape guitar.

Our original vintage look hybrid humbucker can create both sounds of two major guitar pickup types. It has pure vintage humbucking sound, also it even has staggered pole pieces to get realistic single coil sound .The variable resistor allows the performer to select the thickness of an arbitrary sound.

EZa and Anthra are new products that focused on True craftsmanship of Freedom Custom Guitar Research.

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