SkyGel Damper Pads

Box of Trix GMBH

Distributed worldwide by:  Box of Trix GmbH SkyGel ® Damper Pads: The perfect product for a perfect sound <The No.1 Drum Tuning Damper Pads> NEW COLORS: Onyx Black - Crystal Clear - Crystal Blue - Crystal Green NEW ARTISTS: Aaron COmess (Spindoctors) Johnny Dee (Doro), Van Romaine (E. Iglesias), Mike Terrana (Vision Divine), George Kolias (NILE), Brandon Khoo (Independent), Gerald Heyward (Mary J Blige), Gerry Brown (Diana Ross) Thomas Meadows (Kylie Minogue), Gustav SChäfer (Tokio Hotel and many more ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SkyGel ® Damper Pads are for a precise dampening of overtones on drums, cymbals and almost all percussion instruments. Due to a specifically developed gel formula and its ergonomic, oval shape, SkyGel® Damper Pads offer the perfect damping, optimal adhesion can be placed at the same time close to the rim of the drum. Extremely durable, washable, flexible and easy to use. SkyGel Damper Pads meet all the requirements of the discerning drummer and percussionist. Developed & Designed in Germany