The VINTAGE SERIES is taking the house again!

Clear Tune Monitors

Last year people were really overwhelmed about CTM’s first universal fit in-ears, the Vintage Series.  Everybody just loved the shapes, the vintage look and colors and was blown away with how comfortable they are.   And after a super year of growth, the vintage series are coming back.  2017 was a year of expanding the vintage series experience all over the world, and Asia turned being a huge fan!  Singapore, China, North Korea and Japan are wearing VS and we couldn’t be any prouder.   The Vintage series came out as the result of years and years of experience in ear ergonomics and audio work.  The main idea was making super comfy universal monitors that audiophiles and music lovers can use to enjoy their music like never before, rediscovering every classic and falling in love again.   The VS comes in 3 models: VS-2 a dual driver, 2 way crossover monitor; The VS-3 a triple driver, 3 way crossover in-ear and the VS-4 a quad driver 3 way crossover monitor.   It is not just elegance. It is power and presence with clarity beyond compare.   If you want to know more about the Vintage Series, follow this link: