X CARB: The lightest and still powerful drumstick ever


XCarb Techra Drumsticks has a great success among drummers because of its quality and its balance. This carbon drumstick weighs 20% less compared to the classical wooden sticks. It is perfectly balanced thanks to the central cavity along the item.

Thanks to the special technopolymers and MADE IN ITALY technology that compose them, XCarb lasts up to 4 times more, and generates a higher sound volume, while still having a rebound equal to the wooden counterpart. The rubber tip placed at the bottom helps with vibration absorption.

A stick that lasts longer, is more comfortable, has hand anti-shock, better balance, and is more consistent than the traditional ones.

XCarb are environment friendly, as all TECHRA drumsticks, since they are made with the help of other materials than trees that are so essential for human life.