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Celebrating the piano's rich history and future–an experience no piano buyer or enthusiast will want to miss

Piano Exhibitor Showcase

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Piano buyers and influencers will gain a heightened sense of appreciation for the piano after visiting Lounge 88, a main attraction of the NAMM Campus that celebrates the piano's rich history and future. As a result, exhibitors will benefit from: 

Target-rich communities – The entire piano community, including industry giants, including Yamaha, Steinway, Casio, Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Fazioli and many more, will dominate Level 3 of the NAMM Campus in Lounge 88, with representation throughout the show. With this areas being saturated by an entire product community, the audience traffic will be rich with buyers that are no-doubt looking for your products. 

Traffic generating events – Daily performances from the world's leading pianists, historical displays from the Museum of Making Music, as well as piano retail training, from the likes of Bob Popyk, will make Lounge 88 a hot spot for piano buyers and enthusiasts. 

Vast media exposure – Be part of the excitement generated through the numerous public relations efforts, social media impressions and celebrity appearances as well as the presence of mainstream and industry publications, like Music Inc., Music Trades, Music & Sound Retailer, Musical Merchandise Review, Das Musik Instrument, Canadian Music Trades, Musica y Mercado, Music Connect and more. 

Expanded audience reach – Reach targeted and new customer segments, commanding billions in purchasing power, that want the convenience of one-stop-shopping for all of their music, audio and event technology needs as well as the industry education that supports their business and professional development.


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NAMM is the one outside exposure that we do each year. The key benefit is that we see dealers that we normally don’t get to see. I’d rather be in Lounge 88 than in the main hall. Dealers come here because they know this is the piano area and it’s nice to have a dedicated space that’s not as loud.

Gary Galanti, North American Music, Inc. Stony Point, NY

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Allegro Credit


Carl Sauter Pianofortemanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG

Casio America, Inc

Dynatone Corp.

Fazioli Pianoforti SPA

GEWA music

Grotrian Piano Company GmbH

HDC Young Chang Music

International Piano Restoration

Irmler Piano Gmbh

Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH

Kawai America Corp


Louis Renner GmbH & Co. KG


Mason & Hamlin

Mendelssohn Piano (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Niendorf Flügel - und Klavierfabrik GmbH

North American Music Inc.

Northpoint Commercial Finance

PAL Sound

Pearl River Amason Digital Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Pearl River Piano Group Co., Ltd.

Perzina Pianos

Piano Marketing Group Inc.


Pianoforce Inc

QRS Music Technologies Inc

Ravenscroft Pianos


Rönisch Piano GmbH

Samick Music Corp.

Schimmel Piano Corporation

Schumann Piano U.S.A.

Shanghai Lingjiang Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd

The ONE Smart Piano

Vienna International, Inc.

W. Schimmel Pianofortefabrik GmbH

Walter Piano Transport, INC

Wilh. Steinberg


Yangtze River

(The list of exhibitors is growing and subject to change.)

Invite Your Buyers to Inspiring Performances

One of the country’s greatest musical possibilities, ‘Roomful of Pianos’ is a new annual event, hosted in Lounge 88 at 5:30 pm daily, where 50 pianos will be on display, polished, tuned and ready to play in UNISON. Showcasing pianists from all over the country, performances will consist of symphonic arrangements, jazz explorations and original pieces, played together as one either utilizing 10, 20 or 50 pianos at a time, depending on the day. The Saturday Roomful of Pianos program will be followed by a reception open to all participating pianists.

Thursday, January 25: For 10 Pianos

Duke Ellington, “Come Sunday” (arr. Keith McCutchen)
Leonard Bernstein, “Mambo” (arr. John Musto)

Friday, January 26: For 20 Pianos

Emmanuel Chabrier, España (arr. John Serry)
Richard Wagner, Ride of the Valkyries (arr. Richard Blackford)

Saturday, January 27: For 50+ Pianos

Gustav Holst, The Planets: Jupiter (arr. Greg Anderson)
John Philip Sousa, Stars and Stripes Forever

Inspire Buyers by Inviting them to Career Advancing Education for Piano Retailers

Lounge 88 will also feature educational workshops and career development sessions at 1 pm each day, presented by the Piano Technicians Guild, Music Teachers National Association, National Piano Foundation and NAMM. All events will be open to all NAMM members and Roomful of Pianos participants.

Where Are Your Next Piano Customers Coming From?

Thursday, January 25 - 1 pm

By Bob Popyk

It’s a different world today for piano retailers. Competition is no longer just other businesses; it’s school sports, video games, iPhones and a fire hose of other activities in kids’ lives. Piano customers are out there, but you have to go after them! This panel discussion, moderated by Bob Popyk, Music Trades magazine columnist, will explore big ideas for getting new piano customers. Bob and his team of experts will look at the benefits of learning to play the piano, working with teachers and tuners, the value of holding group lessons, going after the senior market, coming up with creative in-store and outside promotions, and much more.

The Secrets to Selling Pianos in an Online World

Friday, January 26 - 1 pm

By Tom Folenta

Bob Popyk, Music Trades magazine columnist, returns for an in-depth interview with Tom Folenta, piano industry website wizard. Together, they’ll tackle one of the most critical topics today: selling pianos in an online world. In this special session, Folenta will share unique ideas for creating more online piano sales and expanding your piano customer base. Find out what’s working today, and discover new (and interesting) ways to make your website more effective.

The Future of Digital Keyboards for Full-Line Music Retailers

Saturday, January 27 - 1 pm

By Bob Popyk

Digital keyboards are changing the scope of the piano business in full-line, combo and piano-only stores. Are you making the most of this business-enhancing and traffic-generating product category, which has the potential for strong profits? Moderated by Bob Popyk, columnist for Music Trades magazine, this panel includes Tim Paul from Illinois, John Ebata from Canada, Peter Sides Jr. from Pennsylvania and Mike Kay from Washington. The cutting-edge discussion will dive into ideas you may not have thought of for bringing new customers through the door by selling more digital keyboards, whether you’re a full-line, combo or niche music retailer.

Enriching Museum Installations that Cultivate Appreciation for Your Product

In coordination with the Piano Technicians Guild, the NAMM Museum of Making Music will celebrate the often unknown and misunderstood art of the piano technician. A unique and engaging display, The Unseen Artist: Sights and Insights from the Piano Technicians Guild, will be located just outside Lounge 88, featuring historic pianos that include:

  • A Gabriel Buntebart square piano from the 18th century
  • A revolutionary Soufléto upright piano from the 19th century
  • A historic Chickering that belonged to the famous actress Laura Keene and was present in the Ford Theater the night President Lincoln was assassinated

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