It’s Time to Party at the Crossroads

by Barney Jameson, former pro audio industry editor and the Managing Director of The Inside Story.

Thousands of feet are pounding out a rhythm on the streets of Anaheim, social media feeds are bristling with snapshots of Californian adventures and everybody is already buzzing about all of the new products. It’s easy to forget that The NAMM Show hasn’t even officially opened its doors yet.

One of the joys of The NAMM Show is the sense of community that it inspires—the tremendous swell of activity that precedes the show each year is a perfect example. What begins with rising online excitement suddenly spills into the hotels of Anaheim and its surrounding cities, until finally the grounds of the Anaheim Convention Center are flooded with music and sound. Today, just one day before the proverbial ribbon gets cut and business gets started, the party is already well underway.

Of course, that sense of community is no accident. For NAMM CEO Joe Lamond, it’s integral to the DNA not only of The NAMM Show but to the NAMM organization itself. He believes whatever our reason might be for visiting The NAMM Show, it’s really our passion for music and sound that brings us to Anaheim year after year. He calls the idea Crossroads—a gathering place for everyone in the business of sound, no matter whether they strum guitars, light stages, build loudspeakers or push faders. As far as Joe’s concerned, we’re all in this together.