January 24–27, 2019 - Anaheim, California

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An International Attraction for Audio Professionals

The second annual AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio is an education and training program, targeted at working professionals in live sound, pro audio, with a focus on both studio production and sound reinforcement. This four-day international symposium comprises a series of training academies and related technical sessions, provided by a dedicated team of topical specialists and experts to create a unique, new learning format that will appeal to career veterans and aspiring audio professionals.

AES@NAMM Soundbites

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Networking Opportunities

All classes and events will be held on Level 4 of the Hilton Anaheim, across the street from the Anaheim Convention Center, as part of the NAMM U Education Center. AES@NAMM registrants can purchase discounted badges to the entire exhibit area of The 2019 NAMM Show. AES@NAMM attendees who also registered for the The 2019 NAMM Show may purchase tickets to exclusive shows like The TEC Awards, which may be purchased during registration.

Best-in-Class Education and Professional Development

AES@NAMM delivers a wide range of top educational offerings from the Audio Engineering Society, including expert speaker sessions, technical presentations and hands-on trainings to benefit current and future industry professionals.

Professional Refreshment and Inspiration 

The NAMM Show is an international attraction, and Southern California is home to some of the most recognizable performance venues in the world, from Disneyland to Hollywood, placing participants right in the heart of this center of industry and at a show that attracts over 115,000 attendees each year.

Based on last year's success, we are confident a growing number of attendees will want to experience these exciting AES educational opportunities, audition new audio products, and grow their professional networks to include some friendly audio pros through AES at NAMM.

Alex Case

former AES president

Best-in-class educational options for live sound, recording and audio for the performing arts

Program Topics

Main Stage

Presentations, workshops and practical demonstrations for a limited number of manufacturers, which results in a certificate of completion

 Live Mixing Console Academy

Controlled group sessions with demonstrations on a selection of live consoles, highlighting orientation, features and use

Line Array Loudspeaker System Academy

Hands-on suspension and configuration demonstrations across leading manufacturers' speaker lines

The Studios: DAW Academy

Demonstrations, education and training on studio and post-production gear, mastery and marketplace

  • Microphone Academy: Studio & Live

    Friday, Saturday

    Friday is dedicated to Studio applications with topics including Ribbon Microphones, Virtual Microphones, VR Microphones and a special session on Large Diaphragm Condensers. Saturday is dedicated to Live Sound miking, including touring, broadcast events and instrument specific applications.

  • Digital Audio Networking Academy

    All Four Days

    Audio over IP is rapidly becoming the audio distribution methodology of choice on the stage and in the studio. Digital Audio Networking Academy sessions, organized by QSC’s Bob Lee, will cover fundamental digital networking technology, protocols and applications.

  • Line Array Loudspeaker System Academy

    All Four Days

    Leading line array manufacturers will each introduce and instruct Line Array Loudspeaker System Academy attendees on the operational details of their latest compact line-array offering. A 90-minute classroom session teaches the line array's design, theory and supporting software components in a small class format. A second 90-minute hands-on practical session instructs mechanical assembly and electrical hook-up details for erecting an array from a portable line array tower, culminating in system proof and coverage confirmation with the use of pink noise and an evaluation track of music.

  • Live Mixing Console Academy

    All Four Days

    Popular live digital consoles from leading manufacturers will be introduced and taught by their instructors to Live Mixing Console Academy attendees including operational details of their live digital mixers, as well as features of their latest software versions.

  • Entertainment Wireless Academy

    Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

    Hosted by wireless touring professional Ike Zimbel, Entertainment Wireless Academy begins each day with an important Spectrum Update panel discussing upcoming changes to wireless-frequency spectrum, followed by 90-minute breakout classroom instruction on recent wireless hardware innovations from leading brands, including Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, Alteros/Audio-Technica and Professional Wireless Systems/RAD. These sessions include best practices, antenna systems and frequency coordination to prepare attendees for the coming changes in wireless spectrum. Sunday’s program includes a Career panel.

  • In-Ear Monitoring Academy


    Hosted by in-ear monitor touring professional Mark Frink, the In-Ear Monitor Academy starts with an important IEM Fundamentals presentation discussing IEM best practices and examining the physiology of hearing and fundamentals of in-ear monitor engineering that can help with hearing conservation. This is followed by a session on engineering wireless IEMs and upcoming changes to wireless frequency spectrum. The afternoon will be dedicated to a demonstration of in-ear monitor engineering practices with support from leading IEM brands, including Ultimate Ears, KLANG, Lectrosonics and Sennheiser.

  • Control Room Academy

    All Four Days

    Learn more about key recording production factors and products, including Studio Monitors, Interfaces, Optimization, Plug-ins and more in the Control Room Academy sessions. Thursday’s program will be focused on Waves, with Studio applications in the morning and Live Sound in the afternoon, reflecting a similar split on Thursday in the Main Stage: Live and Studio presentations. Sunday includes a DIY Workshop, Career panel and insights into audio Higher Education. Friday and Saturday feature in-depth, two-hour sessions from leading control room authorities.

  • Main Stage: Studio

    Thursday morning, Saturday, Sunday

    Learn from some of the biggest names in the recording industry as they cover a variety of subjects and issues pertinent to any producer, engineer, musician and songwriter.

    Hosted by producer/engineer/author Bobby Owsinski, presentations occur all four days from industry experts such as Andrew Scheps, Sylvia Massy, Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen, Ron McMaster and more. Topics include everything from Outside-the-Box recording techniques to re-mastering Running On Empty.

  • Main Stage: Live

    Thursday afternoon, Friday

    Hosted by FOH veteran Robert Scovill, these sessions focus on contemporary live sound system mixing and engineering, with sessions on console automation, Virtual Soundcheck, TV appearances. There will also be daily panel discussions of core live sound topics.

  • Sound System Measurement & Optimization

    Hosted by Charlie Hughes of Excelsior Audio, these sessions will include breakout classrooms on AFMG’s SysTune, Rational Acoustics’ Smaart DI and Studio Six Digital’s Audio Tools, while workshop sessions will include Hughes’ famous Subwoofer Series, Jamie Anderson on Multi-Mic Measurement, Chris Tsanjouries on Crossing the Art/Science Line and Andrew Smith on Choosing the Right Frequency Analyzer.


Mark Frink

Director, Programming
Manager, Live Sound Content

Charlie Hughes

Manager, Scientific & Technical Content

Bobby Owsinski

Manager, Studio & Recording
Technology Content


Pro Sound Symposium Supporters 


From my perspective, The NAMM Show is one of the biggest networking opportunities in our industry. The AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium was designed to help AES members and non-members alike expand their ‘human network.’ Our program was formatted to merge in-person networking opportunities with hands-on training and expert tutorials about relevant topics affecting our industry today.

Michael MacDonald

AES@NAMM Executive Chair and ATK/Audiotek President


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Registration for The NAMM Show

If you plan on attending AES@NAMM, you can also register for The NAMM Show. Registration is separate for the two events.

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