Performance Info

Thursday, January 24, 2019 — 12:00 am to 12:40 am

Artist Info

Acoustic Guitar
Adrian Bellue
Endorsed By:
Ernie Ball, DiMarzio, Gruv Gear, Radial Engineering, Tonewood Amp, G7th Capos, Stonebridge Guitars, Strandberg Guitars

Adrian Bellue

Sacramento, California

Wednesday, January 23rd at Midnight: 

Based out of Northern California, Adrian Bellue is an international performing and recording artist that utilizes unique fingerstyle techniques with acoustic and electric guitar to compose beautifully intricate and progressive music. Having recorded his second solo album with acclaimed guitarist and producer Antoine Dufour in Montreal, Adrian inspires audiences around the world with his captivating and dynamic performances. Adrian has toured all over the globe and has been featured on TedxTalks and is currently producing his 3rd acoustic album which will be a double disc featuring his new trio!

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