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Color of Chaos

Thursday, January 24, 2019 — 12:00 am to 12:40 am PST

Artist Info

Drummer / vocals
Danny ott
Bassist / vocals
Lance Eric
Lead vocals / rhythm guitar
Steven Carlson
Guitarist / vocals
Steve Favela
Endorsed By:
Spector Basses- TTM Guitars - EMG Pickups - Ideabench Pedal Boards - In tune Picks - Dr Strings - Dunlop - Xcel Drumsticks

Color of Chaos

Phoenix Az

Wednesday, January 23rd at Midnight: 

Color of Chaos 

Featuring - 
Lance Eric Bass- Steven Carlson Vocals - 
Danny Ott Drums - 
Steve Favela Guitar 

 About Us - Influenced by big choruses, powerful melodies and strong hooks. Color of Chaos, with stellar musicianship and pulverizing live shows, are gaining fans across the globe that are discovering the band that is bringing back Rock & Roll.   Color of Chaos was formed in November 2014 by a group of exceedingly versed musicians and has already taken radio stations around the globe by storm. The first release off their upcoming debut album "HOLLYWOOD" has received dazzling reviews by critics and fans alike, quickly gaining momentum with exposure worldwide in daily rotation of the  radio world. By June of 2015, the band was offered their first show as support act to Scott Weiland.     Color of Chaos' unique sound and melodic verses will have you singing alongside, returning a  fresh perspective to Rock N Roll, something that has been absent for quite some time. Well accepted by various worldwide radio hosts, Color of Chaos has attained awe-inspiring appraises, preserving the authentic quality they inspire to express through their music:   "Fresh" the style you know & love. Bring with them the experience to deliver a solid chorus with guitar driven verses. Color of Chaos sets forth to win ears over" - Sanel Budlimlic " Balkan Soul Radio Host"   "HOLLYWOOD", love this song..... its Rock N Roll, all about the memory and that one moment you'll never forget - Daniel Gies ""   As the band embarks on the 2018 year, their live credits now include supporting national act's such as Steel Panther, Motley Crue's Vince Neil , Geoff Tate, Faster Pussycat, Kix, Lynch Mob, Ace Frehley and Tom Kiefer. Their full length album will be released November 9, 2018.