Performance Info

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 — 9:00 pm to 9:40 pm


Cristina Vane

Venice, California

Born and raised in Europe, Cristina draws from such a great host of influences that it is impossible to compare her music to any one artist. That being said, she draws decisively from delta and country blues, old time music, rock and folk to create her own flavor of the blues. She has been writing and performing since she was young, and is an experienced and vibrant performer, recently having returned from a five-month solo tour of the U.S. Before falling in love with the blues, Cristina spent her childhood and adolescence studying classical voice, music theory, piano and flute, ever consumed by music. This theme continues throughout her career today; while she predominantly plays slide guitar, she employs fingerpicking, acoustic, electric guitar techniques, as well as clawhammer banjo playing. She has always had a passion for poetry and literature, so songwriting came as a natural progression about a decade ago, and she has not looked back since. Her material combines heartfelt emotional appeals to Van Zandt-like introspections on life as a young person discovering the U.S., backed by a keen musicianship that ranges from mean slide work to sweet country waltzes. As someone with a complicated story, Cristina's authenticity is what shines through her material, seamlessly merging her love for old time music and culture and her modern reality. Cristina began writing and recording in high school, and discovered delta blues and turn of the century music around the time she moved to California to pursue music. Since, her affinity for slide, ragtime, open tuning, picking, and clawhammer have flourished. As she cut her teeth in L.A., she opened for names like Duke Robillard and Duane Betts, recorded and released a six track EP 'Troubled Sleep' at Reseda Ranch Studio, and played a 26 state tour this summer. She performed in a range of venues from the Summer Series in the Park in Atlanta to impromptu shows at legendary juke joints in Clarksdale Mississippi. Cristina has also played several festivals locally (Venice Beach Festival, Abbott Kinney Festival) as well as out of state (such as Field Trippin' Fest, Taos NM and CukoRakko in Birmingham, AL), as well as placing honorable mention her first time competeing in the Fingerstyle Guitar category at the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest 2017. Overall, Cristina operates by several principles; that professionalism is important, that a lot of practice goes into writing good material, and that being authentic with your audience makes for the best performance you can give. She plays solo or with a backing band. While Cristina is gearing up to record her first full length, her EP is available on all platforms and more information can be found at her website

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