Performance Info

Freedoms Trio

Saturday, January 26, 2019 — 11:00 am to 11:40 am PST

Artist Info

Guitar, Voice
Steinar Aadnekvam
Bass, Voice
Rubem Farias
Drums, Lead Vocal
Deodato Siquir
Endorsed By:
EBS Sweden AB

Freedoms Trio

Stockholm, Sweden

FREEDOMS TRIO is a 'world jazz rock' group uniting three musicians from three continents. Three outstanding artists on their respective instruments. Acoustic nylon guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam from Norway, electric bassist Rubem Farias from Brazil and drummer/singer Deodato Siquir from Mozambique. The band is based in Stockholm, Sweden and has released 2 albums with the well established Losen Records (Oslo), most recently in 2018. The new album "Freedoms Trio II" has been praised by critics internationally and notably guitar legend Robben Ford strongly endorses the 'Freedoms Trio' in the new album liner notes. The band tours continously and has performed more than 120 concerts across Europe since 2015. "Mr. Aadnekvam dominates the rarefied space afforded to top-flight virtuoso guitarists. This music is, however, also informed by thunderous rumble of bass and drums, all of which makes it a uniquely expressive group.” - World Music Report (Canada) "Familiar in its aesthetic-groove-minded world-jazz but rare in the quality of the musicianship." - Jazztimes (UK) "Young genius, bursting with creativity." - Jazz Podium Magazine (Germany)